St. Paul Junior High and High School

Friday, Feb. 22, 2019


Cafeteria Menu:  Meatball sub, tater tots, peas, fruit cocktail.  Alternate meal option:  Turkey wrap or a chef salad.  You must sign up in the office before 9:00 am if you want a salad.)


Happy Birthday to:  Andrew Meyer, AJ Meyer and Mr. Doughty today and Logan Haynes, Lucas Haynes and Kati Kamann on Sunday.


Cafeteria Monitor:  Mr.  Swabley                                                    Parking Lot:  Mrs. Meyer



  1. 1.         SPRING MUSICAL tickets for “Once Upon a Mattress” are on sale during school hours.  Tickets are $8.00


  1. 2.       NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY letters of recommendation are due by noon today.


  1. 3.       SECTIONAL WRESTLING…the following will be excused at 1:00 today:

Aidan Naseman           Harley Stoll                 Aidan Kusser              Ryan Gross                 Will Stieber

Eric Crabbs                Thomas Pearce           Myron Stoll                 Ben Meyer                  Sam Meyer

Cam Caizzo                Jacob Baca                  Brody Service             Ashante Clinton          Ella Stieber


  1. 4.       LIBRARY will be closed today with the exception of Mr. Clark’s 7th and 8th period classes.  


  1. 5.         SCHEDULE FOR TODAY:  1st  Period: 7:55-8:32                 3rd Period: 10:45-11:10

 2nd Period:  8:35-9:10             Lunch for grades 7-10:   11:10-11:42

 Homeroom: 9:13-9:18              Follow Friday Mass Schedule the rest of the day

 9:18 to Convo for Mass

         ***Juniors and seniors will meet with Bishop Thomas from 11:00-12:10 in the Gathering Space.  They will go to lunch from 12:10-12:35 then report to 5th period.  (Juniors and seniors will not be in 3rd or 4th period on Friday.)


  1. 6.        SATURDAY SCHOOL will be held with Mrs. Swiger this weekend from 8:00am-1:00pm.  Please remember to use the Main Street entrance.


  1. 7.        ANKLE BRACES were found in the parking lot.  Please stop in the office to claim them. 


  1. 8.         TO THE OFFICE:  Zach Jenkins, Lauren Pabst.




SENIORS                              JUNIORS                              SOPHOMORES                    FRESHMEN


8TH GRADE                                                                          7TH GRADE