St. Paul Junior High and High School

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 

Cafeteria Menu:  Popcorn chicken bowl, fruit cocktail, roll.  Tomorrow’s menu:  Hot dog/chili dog, French fries, baked beans, veggie tray, orange slices, Rice Krispie treat.   Alternate meal option:  Turkey wrap or a chef salad.  You must sign up in the office before 9:00 am if you want a salad.

Cafeteria Monitor:  Mr. Harrington                                      Parking Lot:  Mrs.  Kovarik


  1. 1.       CAFETERIA WORKERS this week are:  Joseph Nill, Ethan Nolan, Yahir Ornelas, Azucena Ornelas, Tyler Perkins, Collin Perter.  Please remember to sign out in the office.  It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to take your turn.
  1. 2.       MASS COORDINATORS this week are:  Zack Stine and Maggie Centa.
  1. 3.      PROM COMMITTEE:  the following will be absent Friday to set up for prom: 

Cam Caizzo                 Lilly Dowdell                         Megan Hammersmith              Nicole Martin

Tori Pocos                   Kennedy Stang                       Holly Powers                          Sara Scavuzzo

Jaret Schafer               Griffin Schwan                       Ella Stieber                             Nate Tokarsky

  1. 4.       SOPHOMORE RETREAT is tomorrow.  All sophomores and the following will be absent:

Alexandra Abel                       Montserrat Carrillo                  Maggie Centa             Lilly Dowdell

Libby Dvorak                          Anna Lukasko                         Jarret Schaffer            Griffin Schwan

Ella Stieber                             Nate Tokarsky                         Ryan Walker               Cassie Baker

Mandy Bocock                        Kaitlyn Bryant                         Jakelyn Diaz               Grace Gillen               

Maddie Hipp                           Kaitlyn Olak                           Gavin Starcher            Kallahan Stoll

Abby Takacs

  1. 5.       WRITERS UNBLOCKED…anyone interested in participating this year should meet in Mrs. Thobe’s room tomorrow during lunch.
  1. 6.       STAM picnic is today from 11:00-1:00:  The following will be going:

Maddie Lawson          Megan Lesch               Scott Adelman            Karlie Rudolph           Ava Caizzo

Brooke Houck             Maddie Jaworski         Amelia Rospert           Ben Rospert                Cam Caizzo

Sara Scavuzzo             Collin Pertner              Mackenna Foster        Hannah Wheeler         Molly Ridge

Nate Tokarsky             Caleb Schwan             Elizabeth Beldon        Jackson Cook                         

Marlaina Sowers         Kylie Mcdonnell         Megan Beldon            Alexandra Abel

  1. 7.       LIBRARY will be closed this morning.  It will be closed all day on Thursday, April 25 for testing. 
  1. 8.       LOST AND FOUND:  We have shoes and a gym bag in the lost and found.   Are they yours?
  1. 9.      SENIORS:  The Bill & Shirley Frazee $1,000 Scholar Business Award is a new scholarship offered to seniors this year.  The scholarship is available on Mrs. Smith’s website for any senior who is pursuing a degree in business.  Application deadline is Friday, May 3.
  1. 10.  GRAND MARCH sign up in the office.
  1. 11.   LAST CALL for prom tickets!!!  Come to the office at this time if you still need your tickets!!!!
  1. 12.    TO ROOM 19A after 10:00 amCassie Baker, Rachel Beat, Ava Caizzo, Cam Caizzo, Lauren Chandler, Mackenna Foster, Grace Gillen, Holly Powers, Sydney Herner, Caleb Schwan, Griffin Schwan, Ella Stieber, Nate Tokarsky.
  1. 13.   TO THE OFFICE:  Abby Takacs